Ethical Trust.


Invests in FTSE 350 Index companies selected according to ethical and environmental guidelines meeting Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS) criteria. This filters out companies significantly involved in water pollution, intensive farming, gambling, adult entertainment, weapons manufacturing and tobacco sales.

  • Invest in a socially responsible way.
  • Invest up to £15,000 in an Adult ISA or £4,000 in a Junior ISA tax efficiently.
  • Invest an unlimited amount in a unit trust.
  • Minimum investment: £500 as a lump sum.
  • Regular investments: from £30 a month for a Junior ISA or from £50 a month for unit trusts and an Adult ISA.
  • No initial charge or withdrawal fee. Other charges apply.
  • You can top-up your investment at any time.

Please see below for the risks relating to this fund.

Pricing and charges

  • Selling price (£) 86.69
  • Buying price (£) 87.22
  • Historic yield (%)* 1.60
  • Ongoing Charge (Includes AMC) (%) 1.15
  • Initial Charge (%) 0.00
  • Performance Fee (%) None
  • *Reflects the net income payments declared over the past 12 months as a percentage of your investment.


Annual fund performance to last quarter (%)



IMA Sector

December 14 1.800.50
December 13 29.8026.20
December 12 17.5015.10
December 11 -8.80-7.10
December 10 20.6017.30

The graph above shows the cumulative performance of the fund over five years. It takes into account the annual management charge and extra expenses, and assumes net income is reinvested.

The table shows the performance for 12-month periods over the last five years, to the end of the last quarter.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Performance data source: Lipper

Fund allocation

Where the fund invests


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Top 10 Holdings

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Fund manager

Logo on wall

Index Funds - Team Approach

  • The Index Fund Management team comprises 16 fund managers, supported by 4 fund management assistants. Management oversight is provided by the Director of Index Fund Management and the Managing Director, Index Funds.
  • The team has average industry experience of 15 years, of which ten years has been at LGIM, and is focused on achieving the equally important objectives of close tracking and maximising returns.

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  • Please remember the value of an investment and any income from it may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may get back less than you invest.
  • Although there is no fixed term, you should consider an ISA or unit trust investment to be medium to long term, ideally five years or more.
  • The tax efficiency of ISAs is based on current rules. The current tax situation may not be maintained. The benefit of the tax treatment depends on individual circumstances.
  • Each trust has its own risks detailed in the individual 'Key Investor Information' documents. More general information can be found in ' Additional fund information document (PDF:655KB) ' and ' A guide to investing with us (PDF:812KB) '. Before you decide to invest you must read these documents.

All rights in the FTSE 350 Index (the “Index”) vest in FTSE International Limited ("FTSE"). “FTSE®” is a trade mark of the London Stock Exchange Group companies and is used by FTSE under licence. The Ethical Trust (the "Fund") has been developed solely by Legal & General. The Index is calculated by FTSE or its agent. FTSE and its licensors are not connected to and do not sponsor, advise, recommend, endorse or promote the Fund and do not accept any liability whatsoever to any person arising out of (a) the use of, reliance on or any error in the Index or (b) investment in or operation of the Fund. FTSE makes no claim, prediction, warranty or representation either as to the results to be obtained from the Fund or the suitability of the Index for the purpose to which it is being put by Legal & General.

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Charges and fees explained    

Annual Reports

Ethical Trust Long
PDF: 372KB
Ethical Trust Short
PDF: 281KB

Interim Report

Ethical Trust Long
PDF: 310KB
Ethical Trust Short
PDF: 281KB

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