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How to register with this lender as a new user

To register as an adviser with MPowered Mortgages please follow the link and fill out the form:

During the application process there’s a drop down option to select L&G Mortgage Club and the payment route will be added.

How to contact this lender

Broker Support: 0800 260 5949

MPowered, Pannell House, Park Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4HN

Who we are

For life’s biggest financial decisions, you need certainty. 

Mortgages can and should be better. So, we reimagined the whole system and made mortgages fit for the 21st century.  

If you’re tired of paper-chasing, using outdated systems and spending hours keying in mortgage applications, then you need to get MPowered.

What we do

Using ground-breaking technology, AI and data, we created a revolutionary platform that puts you in control and your client at ease:

  • Fully digital and trackable application process
  • Certain decision in hours, not weeks
  • Real-time underwriting
  • Free valuation with every product
  • Simple, easy and quick application process

Discover our specialist buy-to-let products and criteria

Our specialist buy-to-let products service individuals, limited companies, HMOs and portfolio landlords:

  • ECO EPC range - 0.10% reduction in rates for properties with an A-C EPC rating
  • First-time landlords accepted
  • Income from Land and Property accepted
  • Capital raising for most legal purposes accepted
  • Max age of 95 at the end of mortgage term

Discover our prime residential products and criteria

Offering competitive rates with criteria that looks at the full picture of the applicant, our limited distribution prime residential products are more than a match for the big six: 

  • £500 cashback remortgage range
  • Up to 100% of commission and overtime considered
  • Self-employed latest years figures for affordability considered
  • Up to 5.5x loan to income multiples
  • Historic adverse credit considered
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Buy to Let0.60%0.55%

Residential only available to selected Brokers.