Client retention

Maintaining existing business

Your existing clients can be a rich source of future revenue, so let us help you to look after them.

Lapses can have a damaging effect on your client relationships and business performance, so we've developed a series of retention tools to help you maintain a healthy client bank.

These industry-leading online tools can help increase long-term client retention by reducing inactive cases, cancellations and lapses.

Tracking business with Agent Hub

We understand how easily clients can be lost through administrative errors or simply if you haven’t been informed of a change in their bank details.

Agent Hub is a secure online system that provides real-time information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Within Agent Hub is an existing business tab that shows you the number of Direct Debit cancellations and provides access to the clients’ details so you can follow up if necessary.

This visibility gives you the opportunity to recapture policies, so helping your clients maintain a continuous level of cover.

As a direct result of providing access to this information, we’ve paid out a total of £201 million from 2,665 claims .

If we hadn’t introduced this system, it’s possible many of these clients would not have been covered when they needed it most.

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