Submitting and tracking business

Submitting business with OLP Connect

Our well established, interactive underwriting journey in OLP Connect gives an instant online decision in 83%  of submissions, meaning you can get your clients on risk quicker.

OLP Connect:

  • Asks customer specific questions which can lead to improved and quicker underwriting decisions
  • Reduces client non-disclosure and the associated problems this could create
  • Is mobile and tablet enabled giving you greater flexibility to submit business in the client’s home and out of office hours
  • Reduces paperwork and offers a more digital process – less duplication of work
  • Gives you the option to ‘hand off’ the lifestyle and medical questions to the customer if it’s more convenient
  • Offers greater integration with our tracking system, Agent Hub, providing real time updates
  • Gives customers the benefit of digital documentation in a secure hub with all their policy and payment information