Supporting your clients income and wellbeing

More and more people are finding themselves off work due to illness or injury. Each year, over 1 million workers in the UK are unable to work.

Income protection can help provide your clients with an income if they can’t work. It also offers a range of support services to help get back to work. Simply put, it helps to protect your client’s income, today and tomorrow.

How it makes a difference

  • Greater flexibility with a choice of products, including Income Protection Benefit, or Low Start Income Protection
  • Provides a regular monthly benefit if your clients can’t work due to incapacity caused by illness or injury resulting in a loss of earnings
  • Pays out until they return to work, retire, die or their plan ends whichever comes first
  • The monthly benefit could be used towards mortgage or rent payments.
  • Access to our market leading in-house rehabilitation specialists, helping to get them back to work