Umbrella Benefits. Additional cover your clients can count on.

12 July 2021

Introducing our new Umbrella Benefits.  Exclusive to intermediaries, it’s a package of additional cover and services to help you meet the needs of your clients, while providing the choice they want from their protection products.    

On the 12th July, we launched Umbrella Benefits. A comprehensive package of additional cover and services, it includes two new optional benefits that can be purchased to add to personal protection  – Fracture Cover and Private Diagnostics. As well as access to Wellbeing Support and Rehabilitation Support Services included as standard.

Ultimately, it’s a win, win for everyone. It gives you a suite of benefits that allow you to meet your clients’ needs, while giving them the choice they want.


Listening to Clients


Before we introduced our new Umbrella offering, we spoke to the people that mattered – advisers and their clients.

We discovered that many clients didn’t know the level of support that was available to them with their protection products. They also said access to specialists that could offer support and guidance in difficult times was really important to them.

Plus, advisers told us that their clients wanted to ‘pick and mix’ the level of protection, which is why we introduced two new paid products.


Find out what’s covered 



*Fracture Cover and Private Diagnostics are insured by AXIS Specialty Europe SE. The support and services are provided by Trustedoctor, a sister company of Further Underwriting International SLU

Fracture Cover and Private Diagnostics can’t be added to Whole of life Protection Plan or Independent Critical Illness policies