Help your clients financially protect what matters to them.

26 October 2020

It’s easier to believe the worst things in life happen to other people. The truth is, the chances of needing protection may be higher than most people realise.

That’s where our new What Are The Chances tool can help. 


What are the chances? Our risk reality calculator video


Makes protection more personal

Our new tool illustrates the chances of certain events happening to a client, showing them the need for protection through generating a report. Helping a client to understand the chances, means that you can bring to life the financial impact if they were unable to work due to a serious illness, injury or death. You can then work with your clients on their policies, In essence, it’s about ensuring clients have the correct protection for them in place.  

It’s so simple

By answering 5 simple questions about the client, such as age, smoking status and desired retirement age - within a matter of seconds, the results will show the chances of serious life events happening to them before they retire. And unlike other calculators, What Are The Chances tool will work out the chances of the client being unable to work from 1 month – so clients can quickly understand the risk of not having protection in place. 

Protection for everyone.

The new calculator is a great way for clients to see that protection is not just for other people, it’s for them. Whether their chance is high or low, there’s still a need for protection.

We hope you will find our calculator helpful, as you can use it to support your sales process going forward. Doing so, will help kick-start the conversation around protection. By understanding client’s protection gaps, you can find the right level of cover for your clients’ needs.

After all, when clients can see the chances of serious life events happening to them, it brings to life the importance of protection.


Try our What are the Chances? Risk reality calculator