Helping your clients’ employees understand, find and fund later life care

Only when elder care for a loved one needs to be considered does the realisation set in that the long-term care system is confusing and very complex. Through our care concierge service your clients’ employees get telephone access to a care expert for guidance about a loved one’s later life care needs.

Provided by experts with backgrounds in social care, nursing and care home agencies, the service helps employees understand and navigate all aspects of the later life care process.

The packages are available to all our customer's employees even if they are not covered by the group protection policy your client has taken out with us. The Guidance Level package is provided as standard at no extra cost.



Support services available

Guidance level package

No additional charge

  • 30-minute telephone consultation.
  • An understanding about what type of care is needed and how to provide that care.
  • Guidance about typical care costs and how to fund that care.
  • Follow up email summarising discussion, guides tailored to requirements and a list of relevant services.
Research level package

A discounted one off fee of £240 payable by the employee. Covers extensive access to a care expert for the entirety of the care journey.

All the benefits of the guidance level package, plus:

  • Extensive telephone consultations with employee and family members
  • Tailored care plan
  • Review of funding in relation to elderly individual’s circumstances
  • Detailed personalised care plan.
Liaison level package

One off fee of £480 payable by the employee. Covers extensive access to a care expert for the entirety of the care journey.

All the benefits of both the guidance and research level packages plus:

  • Telephone liaison with local authority and other care providers on the employee’s behalf
  • Schedule care provider meetings and care home tours
  • Negotiation of care costs
  • 12-week review and monitoring of care once in place.



Why should employers promote this service?

  • To help fight gender inequality - Women are 4x more likely to take on a caring role.
  • Caring responsibilities often affect those in their 40s to 60s, who are often at the peak of their career. Supporting these employees can help reduce the impact of 'brain drain' from the organisation.
  • 600 people every day give up work in order to become a carer. Using the Concierge service can help reduce turnover due to caring responsibilities.

Our full range of wellbeing support

Through our group protection products, we offer access to a wide range of wellbeing support that is provided at no additional cost.

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