Group Protection Care Concierge

Later life care is generally something that people never plan for; it hits families at the time of crisis. It’s only when eldercare for a loved one needs to be considered that the realisation sets in, that this is a very confusing and complex system.


Help your employees understand, find and fund later life care video


What is Care Concierge?

With Legal & General Care Service, which is delivered by Legal & General Health & Care, your employees will be able to gain a better understanding and navigate all aspects of the later life care process. We’ve introduced this service to our group protection customers – with the aim to reduce stress, ease financial pressure and save precious time during this often emotionally charged period for your employees.

The Care Service can be accessed through the Care Concierge telephone service, which allows your employees to speak directly to a care expert about their loved-one’s later life care needs.

We’re pleased to provide access to the guidance level of the Care Concierge service with all our Group Protection products at no extra cost.

The Care Concierge service is flexible and can give as much or as little support as needed. Your employees will have access to the Guidance Level, but they or you as their employer could choose to pay to upgrade the level of support to suit their requirements.

A free online care service platform is also available, providing your employees the opportunity to self-serve information around a number of key issues, including housing, means testing, care provision and funding.

Free Online Care Service Platform

Concierge for employees of a Group Protection client

Concierge for employees of a Group Protection client video



Care Concierge: Guidance level package at no extra cost

The guidance level service includes the following benefits for all our group protection policyholder’s employees;

  • A 30-minute telephone consultation with a care expert
  • Support with understanding what kind of care is needed and how to arrange it
  • Guidance on typical care costs and the available options towards paying for care
  • E-mail summarising everything discussed, care guides tailored to your employees' situation, and a list of relevant service

A team of care experts will be on hand to guide your employee through the consultation and provide immediate support and guidance.

Quick summary of benefits

  • Guidance from professionals who know the care system means the right options are found more easily
  • Helps to reduce the emotional burden on your employee and their immediate family
  • Helps to reduce the time taken to arrange care and support for a loved one
  • Help reduce gender inequality - women are 4x more likely to take on a caring role

If required, the level of service can be upgraded to receive a higher level of support relative to your employee’s needs. As a Group Protection policy holiday, the Research and Liaison tier rates have been discounted for your employees and are as follows:


  Guidance Research Liaison
  Included £240* £480
Telephone support 30 minute telephone consultation * * *
Extensive further telephone conversations with your employee and their family   * *
Telephone liaison with Local Authority, hospital discharge, social workers and care providers on your employee's behalf     *
Care planning An understanding what kind of care is needed and how to arrange this care * * *
Care plan of suitable care options and providers tailored to your employee's needs   * *
Scheduling of care provider meetings or organising care home tours     *
Care funding Guidance on typical care costs and Local Authority funding available * * *
Review of all aspects of funding and relevant benefits for your employee's situation   * *
Negotiation of care costs on your employee's behalf     *
Care follow up Email summarising everything discussed, care guides tailored to your employee's situation, and list of relevant services * * *
Detailed written personalised care plan tailored to your employee's personal needs   * *
12-week review and monitoring of the care undertaken     *


The Research and Liaison charges of £240 and £480 are a one-off cost for extensive access to a care expert for the entirety of the care journey, for which full terms will be provided.

Speak to your adviser or account manager today for more information about Care Concierge.

Download a copy of our Care Concierge brochure (1.7mb pdf) for more information on all the benefits available.

Download a copy of our Employee Care Concierge brochure (1.7mb pdf).

The terms and this service can be reviewed or withdrawn at any time.