Since 2016 we’ve been campaigning to raise awareness and help remove the stigma around mental health in the workplace through our award winning Not A Red Card campaign. Building on the success of Not A Red Card, we’re evolving the campaign to focus on all aspects of wellbeing. Our aim is to help employees Be well, Get better and Be supported.

We’re delighted that Roman Kemp has agreed to be our wellbeing ambassador for our Be Well. Get Better. Be Supported campaign. Mental wellbeing is a subject close to Roman’s heart and through his own personal experiences he’ll be working closely with us to drive awareness of the support available, to help businesses up and down the country manage their employees' wellbeing.

Our outcomes-focussed approach to health and wellbeing

Our wellbeing proposition video

Wellbeing services available to our Group Protection customers

Our products and services provide much more than a financial pay out. They are designed to help employees:

  • Be well by actively managing their wellbeing
  • Get better when accident or illness have struck
  • Be supported when they need it most

We recognise that wellbeing is primarily centred in the mind, but is inextricably linked with physical health, financial health and social health. Our comprehensive wellbeing support is designed with mental wellbeing at its core to help you and your employees when they need it most. We put the individual at the heart of our care package, making sure that expert support is available in the moments that really matter.

Through our group protection products, we offer a wide range of wellbeing services. Designed to help employees thrive (Be well), help them through illness and injury (Get better) and support them financially and in other ways when they need it most (Be supported). Access to the following wellbeing services is included in the cost of the products: