We're one of the UK’s leading auto-enrolment providers. We’ve already helped many employers with their auto enrolment obligations - including some of the UK's largest household names.

Whether your company is looking for a new scheme, a change of pension provider or to restructure an existing pension scheme, we’ll make it easy to set up your scheme – and help to ensure your employees are informed and engaged.


  1. Straightforward auto enrolment solutions

    If you are looking for a straightforward auto enrolment solution then our WorkSave Pension Plan offers flexibility, a range of investment options and a simple, efficient enrolment process.

    Or if you wish to have more control over your scheme, see our WorkSave Pension Trust and WorkSave Pension Mastertrust for more information.

  2. Engaging your employees

    A crucial element of a successful pension scheme is employee engagement. Our online services and planning tools are designed to help your company ensure that employees engage with their retirement savings from day one.

Why choose us

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading workplace pension providers chosen by some of the UK’s largest household names.