Member engagement

One key measure of success of any workplace pension is the take-up from employees. For any scheme to be successful, employees must fully understand their options and feel engaged with their workplace pension scheme.

We help companies achieve a good take up right from the start of setting up a new scheme. We then provide ongoing support - backed by a range of online tools - to keep members engaged and informed throughout the life of their workplace pension.


  1. Scheme microsite

    Each workplace pension scheme comes with a scheme microsite. This assists employees by walking them through the various stages, from joining the pension scheme through to investment choices and options at retirement.

  2. Tumelo

    We can offer members access to the Tumelo platform. Helping members understand how their pension is invested, learn more about the underlying holdings in their pension funds and enabling them to vote on company issues they care about.

  3. Financial wellbeing hub

    We can also offer an online financial wellbeing hub to further enhance our innovative member engagement proposition and ongoing digital customer journey development. This enables employees to feel more financially happy, through online support with practical tools and, where appropriate, products to meet individual needs.

  4. ESG hub

    Your employees will have access to our ESG hub, where they can find out how the money from their pension is invested to make a difference and how we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our investment process.

  5. Bespoke enrolment campaigns

    We can develop bespoke enrolment campaigns and help companies promote enrolment using different mediums and channels. A campaign might include:

    • Face-to-face presentations and webinars
    • Videos, posters or, desk-drops in appropriate areas of the workplace
    • Template communications to promote enrolment
    • Auto enrolment notifications
    • Support for high earners
    • Operational communications throughout their journey to retirement
    • Annual pension benefit statements – online or by post
    • UK-based member helpline
  6. Informative pension guides and tutorials

    We provide a range of downloadable guides and useful information such as video tutorials that enable members to make informed decisions about their workplace pension.

  7. A range of useful online tools

    We also support employees with a range of online tools that are optimised for use on all types of devices. They make it easy for employees to get started, manage their pension contributions, and make informed ongoing decisions.