Setting up a scheme

There are a number of crucial elements in ensuring that the launch of a workplace pension scheme is successful. Our team is highly experienced in making the implementation process as smooth as possible, from planning through to employee engagement, we’ll help you to get your scheme off to the best start.

  1. Employee engagement

    Effective implementation requires that employees are kept informed throughout the initial stages of the workplace pension journey. Our auto enrolment communications get employees engaged early in the process - showing them how the new pension scheme can benefit them and encouraging them to think about their long-term financial future.

  2. Auto enrolment

    During early planning, it is important to identify responsibilities with undertaking employee eligibility assessments. We can help to simplify the process.

  3. Data safety

    Setting up a new pension scheme means dealing with large volumes of information and employee data. We run a secure, efficient internal pension administration platform to ensure the safety of your employees’ data.

  4. Changing provider

    Transferring an existing company pension scheme to another provider makes careful planning essential. We have helped thousands of employers with their auto enrollment duties to date. Our experience and support ensures the transition from another provider is as smooth as possible.