What is Home Emergency Cover?

Read on to discover how you can take the stress out of a home emergency with protection from us.

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Burst pipes, broken boilers, failed central heating – emergencies that, if you’re a home owner, can cause huge amounts of distress. When you consider that home emergencies account for some of the most common Home Insurance claims, it’s cover that could come in very handy.

Offered as standard with our Gold and Silver Home Insurance product, you'll get up to £1,000 (including VAT) of Home Emergency Cover, for call-out and labour charges for home repairs, to stabilise and remove the emergency.

Providing peace of mind

Aside from common incidents such as burst pipes and sudden leakage, blocked drains or failure of your gas supply, Home Emergency Cover can be useful for lesser-known issues like vandalism that compromises the security of your home, a smashed toilet bowl or broken cistern, even impact damage caused by aerial debris or – believe it or not – a plane.

Here's a snapshot of what Home Emergency Cover will pay for. Make sure you check your policy for a full description of what's covered:

Plumbing emergencies
Burst pipes due to events like winter freezes – something that becomes apparent when the ice thaws and you realise you have no water. Sudden leakages, blocked drains or broken cisterns can also cause major headaches requiring attention.

Security emergencies
Break in or vandalism, causing damage like smashed windows or broken locks that can compromise the security of your home.

Supply failure
The breakdown of your water or gas supply or electrical system.

Storm damage
If strong winds blew tiles off your roof, Home Emergency Cover could find a contractor to put a tarpaulin over the area of missing tiles, to prevent further water from seeping through, until a permanent repair could be made.

System failure
Failure of your hot water system – which always seems to occur when you need it most – and central heating systems up to eight years old between the months of September and April inclusive. Handy when the weather is at its chilliest.

Sudden damage
The kind that either allows water to enter your home, or compromises the security of your property. It can be caused by subsidence or heave or landslip which breaks external windows, doors or their frames.

What we don’t cover

Home Emergency Cover won't cover routine day-to-day maintenance or pre-existing situations, including wear and tear, damp, rot, or any emergency arising from a problem that was already known about. It also won't cover the cost of permanent repairs once the emergency has been resolved.

We don't cover total failure of your central heating system between the months of September and April and boilers and warm air units over 8 years old. And Home Emergency cover is not suitable for tenants.

As with all insurance products, it pays to read all the documents, not just to understand exactly what’s covered and which exclusions and limitations apply, but to find out which product is right for you. You’ll find these in our Key Documents section.