Helpful hints and tips to help you protect your property against theft, helping you feel safe and secure in your home.

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Take a look at our helpful burglary prevention home security tips to help you protect your property against theft - keeping you safe and secure in your home.

  • Install window locks on all accessible windows and deadlocks on external doors.
  • Regularly check they are in good condition. You may want to consider installing and maintaining a burglar alarm.
  • Use a special security marker to mark your valuables.
  • Install timers to switch the lights and a radio on at predetermined intervals, to make your home look as though someone's in.
  • Ensure you lock all doors and windows when you go to bed and leave home, even for a quick trip!
  • Join a neighbourhood watch scheme.
  • Secure your shed and garage with heavy duty padlocks and staples, you can also buy special locks for garages.

Remember if you're going away on holiday, ask someone to keep an eye on your home and pick up your mail. Cancel any milk and paper deliveries you may have.


  • Let strangers into your home without proof of identity, fit a spyhole and/or a door safety chain.
  • Hide keys under flowerpots or garden ornaments.
  • Leave sheds or outbuildings unlocked.

Need further advice?

Further advice about home security is available from your crime prevention officer at your local police station or a member of the British Locksmiths Association. For alarm advice further information is available from the National Security Inspectorate.

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