Key investor information documents

Key Investor Information documents are here to help you decide which fund may be right for you. The document has five distinct sections:

  • Objectives and investment policy – the aim of the fund, and information on any benchmark or comparator you can use to help assess the performance of the fund.
  • Risk and reward profile – level of risk in relation to the potential reward, and any specific fund risks.
  • Charges for this fund – all charges that apply to the fund.
  • Past performance – depending on when the fund launched you'll see past performance since launch, over five years or over ten years. Please note that past performance is not a guide to future performance.
  • Practical information – more details on the fund and any additional information and documents required.

Below is a list of all our funds and a PDF link to the Key Investor Information document for each fund. Please note that the PDF opens in a new window.