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26 April 2021

Ever wondered how the person managing your money does their job in lockdown? Justin Onuekwusi explains.

5:30am – Wake up

I vary my mornings and either do some Pilates in the living room, high-intensity circuit training, or some financial reading to prepare myself for what’s ahead.

7am – Coffee and get the kids up

Every morning I have a coffee in my Manchester United mug using my ‘beans to cup’ machine which helps me start the day. I wake up my two young daughters and help get them ready for the day. I enjoy this part of the morning – we have some great chats.

7:30am – Interview with the Wall Street Journal

This is one of my more regular media interviews. I think it’s a brilliant opportunity to get our thoughts out on key stock market trends. There’s always lots to talk about given the ever-changing nature of markets but it’s important to stress that across our portfolios of investments we aim to prepare for key political or economic events, rather than predict them.

8am – Catch-up with colleagues on Teams

I catch up with my colleagues four times a week to review investment performance and to ensure the stocks that we hold fully reflect our views in the current economic environment. While today we decided we were happy with our current holdings, this is always under review as events can change very quickly in stock markets.

9am-12pm – Trading and positioning of investments

I try to keep most of my morning meeting-free because this is my thinking time. There are often times when I need to help with the sizing of positions in the portfolios which may entail buying or selling certain stocks.

1pm – Lunch

I haven’t been eating breakfast since working from home, but I do try to have brunch or lunch. I’m keen to get as much protein as possible, so today I had lots of egg whites and smoked salmon.

3pm – Review of investments

This is a meeting where the head of the team goes through all the positions in our portfolios. I find the exercise quite helpful as discussion helps with seeing possible investments that are consistent or inconsistent across our strategies. It acts as a good challenge.

6:30pm – Dinner with the family

When my daughter gets back from nursery, I sit down with family for dinner and catch up on their days. This has been one of the key benefits to working from home, as I’d typically still be in the office at this time or making my way home.

8pm – Wrapping things up

Working from home means it’s much harder to draw a line under your day. That said, the weekends still tend to be sacrosanct for time with my family.

9pm – Diversity work

Tonight, I did some mentoring as part of the #talkaboutblack scheme, which aims to help professionals in our industry progress and thrive in senior management roles. The New Financial and Financial News reported in 2017 they could only identify 12 Black fund managers in the City of London. This was a wake-up moment for me that I needed to be more of a role model to increase representation in our industry. We hope our mentoring efforts will help to create a more representative industry and the leaders of tomorrow.

10pm – Wind down

This evening, I managed to sit down to catch up on The Mandalorian, which is my favourite TV programme right now.

11pm – Bedtime


Remember, the value of any investment is not guaranteed. The value of investments and any income received from can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you had originally invested.