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At Legal & General we are aware of the responsibilities that come with the money you have asked us to manage on your behalf.

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Here to help you own your financial future

  • Financial education

    Investing is an important part of any savings strategy, but knowing how to get started can be tricky. If you’re new to investing or simply want to learn more, our financial education programme can help you go the next step in your savings journey.

  • Insights and updates

    Knowledge is power. We share regular insights on our content hub directly from our 381-strong Investment Team, so you can stay up to date and make confident investment decisions.

  • Thinking long-term

    Our scale and trusted brand were earned by thinking about what’s new for our customers and clients, and what matters to you the most.

  • Dedicated, UK-based customer service

    Whether you’re looking to speak to us over the phone or manage your investments online, our Investor Service Centre is here to help.

start investing

Start investing today

Whether you're investing £20 or £20000, you're new to investing or an experienced investor, our investments are designed to meet your needs.

Learn the basics

Still insure which is right for you? Have a look through our simple guides on stocks and shares ISAs and funds.

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