27 August 2020

How do life insurance pay-outs work?

For anyone making a claim on a life insurance policy, we’re aware that it’s likely to be at a difficult time for you. That’s why we try to make the life insurance claims process as straightforward and stress-free as we can. 

How to claim on a life insurance policy

The claims process has three basic stages:

  1. Notification
  2. Assessment
  3. Life insurance pay-out

1. Notification

This is when you first contact us to start the claims process. As a minimum, we'll need the policy number, the life insured's GP/Doctors contact details and who you are and your relationship with the life insured. Our claims team will let you know if we need any other information or documentation at this time.

2. Assessment

Once we're notified of a claim, we may need a claim form to be completed and returned to us, and ask for further evidence, depending on the type of claim. For example, we may ask for the death certificate for a life cover claim.

Funeral Pledge

We realise that sometimes families can find significant financial demands made of them at a time when they’ve recently lost a loved one. That’s why we offer our Funeral Payment Pledge – we agree to pay part of a claim amount early and advance up to £10,000 on any valid life claim to cover the cost of a funeral. You can find out more about our Funeral Payment Pledge.

3. Life Insurance payout

Who we pay out to

For valid claims, we will make payment directly to the legal owner of the policy, unless that person is deceased, in which case it will be paid to their personal representative, usually the executor of their will.

Where we pay out to

Any claim will be paid as a lump sum in pound sterling to a UK bank account. If you wish to be paid outside of the UK, then arrangements for transfers must be made at your expense.