What is a Digital Home Survey?

Digital Home Survey is a revolutionary, fully digital home buyer report, exclusive to Legal & General.

A RICS-qualified surveyor will check the property from top to bottom before sending you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand digital report, usually within 48 hours from the inspection. During the inspection the surveyor will look over the roof, walls, pipes, timber, and other aspects of the house making sure everything’s in order. You’ll receive a digital report straight to your computer or smartphone with any issues graded on a traffic-light scale of importance.

If any defects or issues are uncovered during the survey, you will be able to find tradespeople to cost any repairs directly from within the digital report. You can choose to use trade quotes to renegotiate with the seller, should you wish to do so. The Digital Home Survey report has sharp layout with clear, understandable visual details free of lengthy, confusing documents. One huge benefit of choosing this type of survey is the ease in which you can read and digest the report.