Mastertrust Solutions

Registered and Excepted Group Life Policy (EGLP) Solutions

We offer different solutions for two different tax regimes. Choose between:

  • registered cover through our Group Life Mastertrust; or
  • excepted group life policy cover though our Relevant Life Mastertrust.

Alternatively, you can have a combination of both.

Save time - Our ready-made solution means you don't have to set up and register your own scheme.

Strong Governance - . We run the schemes with the help of experienced independent professional trustees. The scheme trustees take on the responsibility of deciding who to pay benefit to, by considering the deceased’s Expression of Wish form and circumstances at the time of their death.

No extra cost- Free to join, and no extra charge for benefit payments if the trustees are given the details of the employee's circumstances that we ask for when making a claim.

For more information about  our Mastertrust solutions please read our Introducing Legal & General Mastertrust Brochure. (456kb pdf).

We cannot include dependants’ pension cover under either of our mastertrusts.

We can only include employees employed by a UK based employer. You’ll need to set up your own scheme if you have employees of any overseas subsidiary.

If you want to set up your own scheme, or need a scheme for Dependants' Pension: