Scheme management

Once a workplace pension scheme is implemented, we provide comprehensive ongoing support to ensure that the scheme is successfully managed day-to-day. In addition to providing a dedicated relationship manager or scheme contact point, we offer:

• An online scheme management system that makes ongoing administration straightforward
• Scheme reporting (governance and investment reports)
• A range of online tools and ongoing support to engage scheme members
• Assurance that the scheme continues to comply with legislative changes

  1. Convenient online scheme management system

    Our Manage Your Scheme system is an online pension administration service designed to make it easier for employers to manage their workplace pension. Among other things, it enables employers to:

    • Manage employee data (such as joiners and leavers)
    • Access our employee eligibility assessment tool (WorkSave Select)
    • Manage and send employee contributions
    • View scheme information
    • Obtain scheme management information and request governance reports
    • Monitor the scheme
    • Access fund statistics and performance
  2. A range of online employee engagement tools

    We provide a range of online tools that are optimised for use on all types of devices. They make it easy for employees to get started, manage their investments, and make informed ongoing decisions regarding their pension. These tools include various retirement planning and budgeting tools to help them make the most of their money.

    We can also offer an online financial wellbeing hub to further enhance our innovative member engagement proposition and ongoing digital customer journey development. This enables employees to feel more financially happy, through online support with practical tools and, where appropriate, products to meet individual needs.

Manage Your Scheme

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