Legal & General Mortgage Services brings together 3 already successful areas; the UK’s largest Mortgage Club, Legal & General Surveying Services and Legal & General Mortgage Technology.

This new mortgage eco system gives us a really strong foundation to help drive the industry forward and support our intermediary, lender and tech partners across the mortgage market.

With innovative products such as Legal & General Ignite, our free mortgage research and sourcing tool which is available to both Mortgage Club members and non members, and Digital Home Survey, our picture rich home survey product, we have a selection of products and services to help you help your clients.

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Mortgage Club

As a Mortgage Club member, you get access to the Mortgage Research and Sourcing Platform Legal & General Ignite, access to discounts on third party tech and relationship managers and support services committed to helping you grow your business. 

And we're the only mortgage club to offer payment in advance of completion!*

Mortgage Technology

Whether it's our mortgage sourcing platform Legal & General Ignite, our digital home survey service or our affordability calculator plug-in our partners can add to their site, we're striving to make sure the mortgage industry is also leading the way in the technology industry.

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Surveying Services

Legal & General Surveying Services and our partner firms can help your clients with all aspects of surveying in the residential property sector, making sure they're making an informed purchase.



*Access to Payment on Advance is determined by Legal & General on a case-by-case basis and is subject to acceptance criteria. Legal & General may, at its absolutely discretion, decline access to Payment on Advance or remove access to Payment on Advance without prior notice. For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.