Support and tools to help make managing pensions easier for clients and their employees

At Legal & General, we understand that managing pension schemes and helping members to make the most of them isn’t always easy.

That’s why we’ll be by your clients’ sides for the long haul – from setting up their schemes, to guiding them through the implementation process, to providing tools that help make it simpler and more engaging for their employees to get involved with their pensions.

Below is an overview of some of the tools and support we offer to help make it easier for you, your clients and their scheme members.

Member engagement made easy

Our extensive range of member communications and tools are available to your clients to support them in helping their employees engage with their retirement plans and get the best from their workplace pensions.


Online tools available to members:


  • Manage Your Account – our digital portal for members to check the value of their pension pots and perform transactions
  • Scheme website with access to pension information, tools and financial education
  • How much do you need in retirement calculator – an interactive tool using the retirement living standards that allows members to tailor their expenditure to their individual needs
  • Retirement planner – an easy, interactive way for members to find out whether their pension savings will cover their lifestyle needs when they retire
  • Online pension benefit statements
  • ‘Boost your savings’ calculator
  • Go&Live, a financial wellbeing hub to support members with information on meeting life’s monetary challenges wherever they are along their journey to retirement
  • a mobile app called Coll8 that allows members to take control of their retirement savings on the move. Features include the ability to connect to Manage Your Account, visit their scheme website and view Go&Live. The app can be branded to reflect your client’s brand and, using single-sign-on technology, can be linked to your client’s website so their employees can view internal communications and business information such as HR systems and employee discount schemes. Coll8 also allows access for specific features like our ESG engagement platform Tumelo (see below)

Caring about issues your clients care about

With so many of our clients and members caring about issues that affect the environment, society and organisational governance, we’re particularly proud of the work we do to incorporate considerations of these ‘ESG’ issues into the fabric of our business. We have an ESG hub for members to give an overview of our work we’re doing – through our voting and engagement with companies – to help our members’ investments in our pension schemes to have a positive effect on the world. And our ESG engagement platform, Tumelo, allows us to engage better with members on their views about where their money is invested.

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