01 September 2022

We've enhanced our Energy Saver Cashback offer

Did you know your clients could earn up to £1,000 cashback on certain energy efficient home improvements?

Making energy efficient improvements not only contributes to a more positive impact on the environment but can also help cut the cost of fuel bills and help make the home feel warmer and more comfortable.

After listening to customer and adviser feedback, we’ve made some enhancements to our Energy Saver Cashback offering.

We’ll provide 10% cashback on the total cost of eligible energy efficient home improvements, up to £1,000 on an initial advance mortgage and £200 on a lifetime mortgage drawdown (up to three times).

This offer is available to any of our later life mortgage customers across England, Scotland, and Wales. Your clients will receive an Energy Saver Cashback guide within their offer pack, providing the full T&Cs and details on what qualifies for the cashback and how to claim.

What has changed;

  • We’ve made it straightforward to find a suitable trades person;
    • We no longer require trades people with specific TrustMark approval. Instead, we’ll just need to check improvements made are supplied and fitted by a professional and approved installer.
  • We’ve added to our qualifying works list;
  • We’ve simplified our claiming process;
    • Once the work’s completed within 12 months of their loan taking place, clients will be asked to provide us with an invoice on letterheaded paper, setting out the works completed and the cost and date of completion. Claims can be submitted via email or post. We also suggest they keep hold of any certificates to provide evidence of the work carried out.
    • Once the claims submitted and if approved, cashback will be received within 30 days of submitting the claim.

For further information on the offering, along with a details on the claims journey see our webpage below

Our Energy Saver Cashback offer

Meet Lillian

We’re seeing more cases of lifetime mortgages being used to make sustainable home improvements  Like Lillian, your clients may be eligible to receive up to £1,000 through our Energy Saver Cashback offer.

"Having a lifetime mortgage has given me the independence and freedom to do the house up as I would want, to make sure that it’s long lasting, that it’s eco-friendly. And it’s given me that freedom of not worrying about money" - Lillian

Watch Lillian's story

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