03 March 2024

5 insider secrets to hassle-free applications

By Laura Sneddon, Head of Mortgage Sales at Hinckley & Rugby for Intermediaries

Dealing with your lender should be like sailing across a calm sea: everything shipshape, your destination locked in to the GPS, and nothing to do but sit back and admire the view.

Then a voice comes from the galley. “Did you pack the coffee?”


We realise that packaging is probably the least exciting part of your day, but there’s no escaping its importance. Getting it right is like having the ropes all coiled neatly at the corners of the deck, with nothing loose to trip you up.

That’s why we’ve put together these top 5 tips for successful packaging. It’s your guide to hassle-free applications with Hinckley & Rugby.

1. Follow our easy-to-use checklist

Overlooking one or more of our standard supporting documents is the number one cause of delays. It’s all-too easy for something to get missed, so to help you we’ve created a crystal clear packaging checklist that shows you exactly what we need. You can download it here.

2. Show us the money!

Even with everything perfectly packaged and immaculately submitted, we can’t raise anchor until the application fees have been paid. Luckily, our wonderful Lending Support Team will tell you exactly when to get your credit card out. They’re helpful like that.

3. Tell us about any credit blips

Clients can conveniently forget to tell you about a late payment or other misstep, hoping that it will go unnoticed. It won’t, of course, and it’s important to prise any such credit blips out of clients up front to avoid delays. Adverse credit doesn’t have to sink the ship anyway – just talk to us about our Credit Flex mortgages.

4. Talk to us about any unusual income

“Oh, didn’t I mention that my part-time cupcake business provides that income?” says the client. Missed details like this can really take the wind out of your sails, we know, so it’s worthwhile digging out that information in advance. And if the client’s income streams are really quirky, just talk to us about our Income Flex mortgages.  

5. Deal with the team

Everyone has holidays, training, medical appointments, and more. Avoid delays by emailing our team mailbox rather than the individual you’re dealing with. It’s the surest way to make sure your query is dealt with promptly. And it’s a nice, easy email address to remember: directmortgages@hrbs.co.uk.

So there you have it! That’s our top 5 tips for smooth sailing with Hinckley & Rugby. By following this advice, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we’ll do everything we can to give you a hassle-free journey to ‘Yes!’.

For adviser use only. Please note this content has been supplied by our lender partner and as such, is their responsibility. No party shall have any right of action against Legal & General in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this article.