01 December 2023

A look back at Accord's Growth Series

By Accord Mortgages

Accord have had another great year with their Growth Series and celebrated 5 years of providing brokers with dedicated and FREE resources containing blogs, guides and podcasts, to help you scale and grow your business.

There are now over 9000 brokers signed up, enjoying content such as:

  • how to market your business
  • important industry developments
  • commercial lending
  • marketplace predictions
  • inclusion & diversity
  • customer lead generation
  • and much more.

If you haven’t already, sign up to our Growth Series here.

What have your fellow brokers found useful this year?


Accord have over 70 guides available for you to download, covering topics from marketing and attracting clients to customer retention and preparing for the future.

Here’s a snippet of what’s included, but once you’re logged into the Growth Series you can use the search functionality to add key words to search for other topics that you’re interested in, as well as looking at the Guides tab for a full list.

  • Sense check your business to drive success - making the right decisions when you set up a business is crucial, but so is reviewing them as you go on. This blog discusses what you should be looking at to ensure your business remains successful.
  • Get your business future ready - where do you want your business to go over the next 5 or 10 years, or even further?
  • 7 ways brokers can generate more leads - this guide outlines seven practical steps on how to ensure a steady supply of new business enquiries, including embracing social media, checking your website ranks well in search engines, sharing valuable content and encouraging online reviews.


With over 90 podcasts on our site, ready to download on demand, you’ll be spoilt for choice with content including:

  • Mental Health: The Chaos & The Magic - Nicola Alvarez, Senior Manager Proposition Development at Accord Mortgages, speaks to Nick Elston, Founder of Forging People, about how brokers can both look after their mental health and support anxious clients.
  • Broker Talks - Building Referrals - Sian Varone, Business Development Manager at Accord Mortgages and Ken James, a Mortgage Broker at Contractor Mortgage Services, talk about building referral relationships with other businesses, such as estate agents, accountants and solicitors.
  • Broker Talks: Training and Development – Accord Business Development Jess Keniwell and Phil Anderson, Director at Phil Anderson Financial got together to talk about training and development.


Our blog articles offer practical tips and advice on a range of topics. Our latest popular content includes:

  • How Mortgage Products are Funded - we held a live webinar on how mortgage products are funded in October 2023. Listen to the webinar here and read the accompanying blog with useful resources and further Growth Series articles that you might find valuable
  • The best AI tools for mortgage brokers - AI can bring significant benefits to a mortgage broker and save you lots of time, effort and resources. Here are just a few tools that you may want to consider and could be helpful in your day-to-day role.
  • How brokers can engage with clients and create opportunities - rising interest rates and high inflation may mean many of your clients are under considerable financial pressure right now and will be turning to you for support and stability, so the customer experience you offer is perhaps more important now than ever before. What steps could you take to add extra value to your clients during this difficult time?

Enjoy all these and much more by signing up to Accord’s Growth Series here

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