03 March 2024

Packaging the perfect case for your customer

By Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank have been around since 2007, with teams based in London, Milton Keynes and Wilmslow. We’re the fastest growing award-winning Shariah-compliant bank in the UK that offer our intermediary and broker partners competitive Buy-to-Let and Home Purchase Plan finance products. We cater for UK residents, UK Expats, International residents and UK registered corporate entities looking to purchase property based in England Wales.

This short article is designed to give brokers some helpful points to package a case for your customer and ensure they receive their finance.

10 steps to packaging your case

  1. Take the time to learn the documents each provider requires – our Gatehouse Bank Case Packaging Guidance can be found here: https://gatehousebank.com/downloads/case-packaging-guidance-for-all-customers
  2. Once you run a DIP, there’s an initial list of case documents. The sooner the documents are collected from your customer, the sooner the case can progress.
  3. You can forward on the provider’s case packaging guidance to your customer so they can see what is required.
  4. Explain the case documents required by the provider to your customer and ensure they understand what documents are required and are able to provide them in a timely manner.
  5. It’s important that you know the validity periods for DIPs and when all the case documents are required – if unsure, speak to the provider’s BDM/Sales Support Team.
  6. Check that the documents your customer sends you are all correct and in date – this will save time and multiple conversations between yourself, the customer and the provider.
  7. Once you have all of the case documents, upload them onto the provider’s portal at the same time.
  8. Do not bulk upload the case documents without authorisation. Where you have separate sections for income, bank statements etc, upload the relevant documents to each section.
  9. Use the provider’s notes section to explain and update them on any key notes you feel are relevant and important for their Underwriting Team to know.
  10. If the provider requires an application fee for each application, be sure to package the case correctly, otherwise your customer could be charged twice for a new application and fee!

Top Tips for making Quality Referrals

  • Conduct a basic fact find with your customer to ensure the case fits in principle with the providers criteria and policy. Speak to the provider if you’re unsure.
  • Know the provider’s referral process and clearly explain this to your customer.
  • Stay up to date with the provider’s SLA’s and case management process so you can explain this to your customer.
  • Let your customer know that the provider will conduct their own fact find and be responsible for the advice they give, collecting case documents, underwriting and seeing their case through to completion.
  • Let your customer know that you won’t be given any detailed case updates or information on any decisions made due to Data Protection and GDPR.

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