03 March 2024

Top reasons why cases are packaged incorrectly

By Simon Craddock, Corporate Relationship Manager at Nationwide

Top reasons why cases are packaged incorrectly:

  1. Documents received but not required
  2. Documents combined in a single file
  3. Case details keyed incorrectly
  4. Out-of-date documents received
  5. Document not attached

Here are some points to remember when submitting proofs to us so your case can be processed quickly.

  • Check the NFI website for our policy and example documents required
  • Key-in application details accurately
  • Attach all the required documents individually at the same time as submitting the application
  • Attach the right document (and not more than is asked for) to the correct requirement in the system
  • Notify us of changes as soon as possible

For more details, go to nationwide-intermediary.co.uk/packaging-guides

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